Sunday, April 7, 2013

Okay. So sorry I have not been making posts this weekend. Yesterday I went shooting with a bow and arrow at Ridder Springs. Let's just say that that is not what I do best. At all. Then (thankfully) we went on a hike. That, reading, writing, math, science and social studies is what I do best. But by the time we got home (after eating 2 tacos and drinking a medium Dr. Pepper... yum) I was wiped out. I almost fell asleep in the shower. Comment on what you did yesterday! Bye!!! 

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  1. Lexi, that's awesome how you shot a bow and arrow at Ridder Springs! You'll find out that was good practice for our field trip next Tuesday (you'll see why soon enough :) ). I love how you listed all the subjects you do best, but I think you forgot several--including using technology!

    By the way, nice-looking globe you added today. Wouldn't it be neat if that's how Earth actually looked from outer space? :)